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Akhnaten Cast

Dísella Lárusdóttir as Queen Tye
Rihab Chaieb as Nefertiti
Anthony Roth Costanzo as Akhnaten
Aaron Blake as High Priest Of Amon
Will Liverman as Horemhab
Richard Bernstein as Aye
Zachary James as Amenhotep III

Akhnaten Trailer

The Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV), Philip Glass, based his 1983 opera Akhnaten on his own life. Having succeeded Amenhotep III as king, Akhnaten lived a typical man’s life, marrying and raising a family while also dealing with his mother’s expectations. The most important thing about HIM as a ruler is that he had firm religious beliefs. The essential parts are thought to be vocal and orchestral soundscapes, old hymns and writings, and Philip Glass’s minimalist style.

Aten, the sun, motivated him to try to combine the Egyptians’ past polytheistic faiths into monotheism. As a doorway into a whole ancient world, Akhnaten incorporates the scriptures of the Egyptians, Hebrews, and Arcadians to bring the voices of the ancients back to life and glorify the individual who is now regarded by most to be the creator of monotheism. Worthy of watching!


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