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A dominant point of the musical is the Exclusion of the LGBTIQ community from the ACT and the inclusion of nudity. It tells the narrative of an author whose book about the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 is being adapted into a film and was quite popular.

“It’s a very sensual drama that looks at how sexuality and the desire for political power affect each other, and it’s also funny, touching, and sensual.”

Characters deceive, expose, and exploit one another, causing reputations to crumble, marriages to end, and friendships to break, all symbolic of politicians’ physical and spiritual bareness. This drama is about society, politics, achievement, and moral dignity, and it is staged in a workplace in the recent era. Two male federal ministers compete for the position of prime minister.

However, they both have hidden lives that could threaten their professional reputations. The play addresses the difficult confluence of the private and the political, twisting it into a worldwide tale about the human sacrifices that make for careers. Exclusion is a relevant, amusing, and appealing show that goes deep into the world of politics to make us think about our place on a constantly changing planet. It’s a play that needs to be watched because it is meaningful and deep.

Exclusion quickly runs out of time, with only 59 shows left in 2023. The next performance of the musical is scheduled for May 5, 2023. Make your reservation now to make sure you get all the benefits!

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