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The Little Prince Musical Tickets

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The Little Prince Cast

Lionel Zalachas as The Little Prince
Aurélien Bednarek as The Aviator
Chris Mouron as The Narrator
Adrien Picaut as Businessman/Switchman
Antony Cesar as The Vain Man
Andre Kamienski as The Drunkard
Marcin Janiak as The Lamplighter
Srilata Ray as The Snake
Dylan Barone as Fox/King

The Little Prince Trailer

This classic, charming and heart-wrenching musical comes alive on stage. It is the story of a world-weary flyer stranded in the Sahara Desert by a malfunctioning plane. When a mysterious, regal little boy enters and requests that he draw a sheep, the aviator becomes irritated and diverted from his problem, unaware that he is about to undergo a life-changing experience. Throughout their week in the desert, the little prince tells him stories about his galactic adventures and his tight connection with a specific flower in his tiny world. He encourages the estranged aviator to continue documenting these tales through drawing as he did as a child. By realizing that

“What is essential is imperceptible to the sight.”

The aviator regains his ability to laugh, mourn, and love. With its unique features—live painting as part of the action and a planetarium setting—this performance allows for a significant level of creative freedom, allowing for the most intricate or most straightforward presentations.


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