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The Valkyrie Musical Tickets

Cheap The Valkyrie Tickets

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The Valkyrie Characters

Matthew Rose as Wotan
Rachel Nicholls as Brünnhilde
Nicky Spence as Siegmund
Emma Bell as Sieglinde
Brindley Sherratt as Hunding
Susan Bickley as Fricka
Nadine Benjamin as Gerhilde
Mari Wyn Williams as Ortlinde
Sarah-Jane Lewis as Waltraute
Fleur Barron as Schwertleite
Jennifer Davis as Helmwige
Idunnu Münch as Siegrune
Claire Barnett-Jones as Rossweisse
Katie Stevenson as Grimgerde

The Valkyrie info:

The Valkyrie is another popular musical. As far as Valkyrie is concerned, it is a personality in Norse mythology which is regarded as a warrior woman residing on the back of a warrior horse, a wolf, or a boar. The woman is considered to be armed with a spear and is the one who decides on the fates of warriors on a battlefield. Another purpose served by the women is carrying the dead ones to Odin’s Valhalla. In literal meanings, Valkyrie stands for “chooser of the slain”. In simple words, this stands for the people who are chosen to fight beside Odin at Ragnarok. The Valkyrie presents everything related to the warrior Valkyrie and the Odin’s Hall of Heroes, where the spirits of dead warriors battle each other daily, i.e., Valhalla.


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