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A Little More Alive Tickets

Cheap A Little More Alive Tickets

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A Little More Alive Original Cast

Van Hughes as Nate
Daniel Jenkins as Gene
Nicolette Robinson as Lizzie
Michael Tacconi as Jeremy
Emily Walton as Molly

A Little More Alive Trailer

The touching and exceptional folk-pop musical A Little More Alive revolves around two estranged brothers who reunite at their family home after their mother’s death. The reunion starts as a solemn affair but takes an unexpected turn when a revelation shatters their long-held memories. As they uncover the hidden secrets that have silently influenced their lives, Nate and Jeremy confront the ambiguous lines between morality and choice. The musical’s exploration of the gray area between right and wrong is a powerful reminder that everyone is susceptible to life’s complexities. A Little More Alive beautifully captures the essence of human connection and the lasting impact of family ties.

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