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Corduroy is a delightful stage play adapted from the beloved children’s books Corduroy and “A Pocket for Corduroy” by Don Freeman. First performed in 2018 at the Children’s Theatre Company, the play was crafted by playwright Barry Kornhauser and has since found a place in various children’s theatres across the U.S. The story revolves around a teddy bear named Corduroy, dwelling in a department store, who embarks on a nocturnal adventure to find his missing button—a symbol of his desire for love and acceptance. Parallel to his quest, the narrative follows a little girl named Lisa, who yearns to bring Corduroy home but must convince her mother of his worth despite his missing button. The play is renowned for its heartwarming themes and is recommended for children aged four and older. It offers a spectacle filled with humor and physical comedy, appealing to both children and their families​.

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