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Daniel Play Characters

Belshazzar’s Prince
Two Wise Men
Three Envious Counselors
Belshazzar’s Queen
Darius the Mede
Two Advisors
An angel
Herald Angel

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The play Daniel, set to premiere at Sight & Sound Theatres in Lancaster in 2024, recounts the story of Daniel’s exile to Babylon. This vivid production, situated in the luxurious city of Babylon, focuses on Daniel navigating his new life in a palace filled with grandeur and political turmoil. The play emphasizes the theme of unwavering faith and hope, highlighting how Daniel’s trust in God endures through various tests. Advanced visual elements, including three large LED screens, enhance the storytelling, especially in scenes of divine encounters. This new rendition of Daniel differs significantly from a previous production over two decades ago, promising a unique and immersive theatrical experience​​​​​​.

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