Dorrance Dance Tickets

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Dorrance Dance Tickets

Cheap Dorrance Dance Tickets

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Dorrance Dance Cast

Michelle Dorrance
Nicholas Van Young
Ephrat Asherie
Christopher Broughton
Elizabeth Burke
Warren Craft
Donovan Dorrance
Naomi Funaki
Karida Griffith Walker
Luke Hickey
Aaron Marcellus
Carson Murphy
Claudia Rahardjanoto
Gregory Richardson

Dorrance Dance Trailer

Dorrance Dance Info:

Dorrance Dance pursues something about tap dancing that is so adventurous, brilliant, and stunning: it is both movement and melody simultaneously. According to Dorance Dance; Music is at the heart of all we make.

Dorrance Dance comprises dancers and musicians committed to choreographic development and musical composition yet anchored in improvisation. The vision includes broadening the audience and educating the next generation of tap dancers. Dorrance Dance, founded in 2011 by Michelle Dorrance, recipient of the MacArthur “Genius” Award, preserves tap dance’s singularly beautiful past in a new and dynamically captivating context.

The main object of tap dancing is to connect with audiences on a musical and emotional level and educate them about the complicated history and tremendous legacy of this Black American art form. The organization has garnered numerous awards and rave reviews and performed in a variety of venues.


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