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Here We Are Tickets

Cheap Here We Are Tickets

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Here We Are Original Cast

Francois Battiste
Tracie Bennett
Bobby Cannavale
Micaela Diamond
Amber Gray
Jin Ha
Rachel Bay Jones
Denis O’Hare
Steven Pasquale
David Hyde Pierce
Jeremy Shamos

Here We Are Trailer

Here We Are Musical is a captivating theatrical production that immerses audiences in a world of music and emotion. This mesmerizing show takes viewers on a unique journey through a tapestry of melodies, weaving together various musical genres to create a harmonious symphony of storytelling. With its enchanting choreography and powerful performances, the production explores love, unity, and human connection, touching the hearts of all who experience it. Here We Are Musical celebrates the human spirit, showcasing the universal language of music as it transports spectators into a realm where emotions are expressed through song and dance, leaving a lasting impact long after the final curtain falls.

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